Emotional Wedding at Piper’s Heath

This day was filled with sooooo much love. I could really feel how close the bride/groom is to their family and friends. Absolutely loved documenting every single moment of it: parents reaction to speech, siblings having a heart to heart moment, groom joking around with one of his boys and slow dancing together.

This album is a constant reminder of why I love my job.

Documenting real, genuine and candid moments that will last a lifetime.


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Seeing the pictures taken of my dear friends Abigail and Lester’s wedding was like looking at a fairy tale story told only in images, Judy’s approach to capturing the elegance yet beautiful simplicity of the ceremony is beyond art and will be snapshots of memories we want to last forever.
— Kristian, guest
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The weather was not the best conditions to take outdoor pictures but Judy made it incredibly fun and was still able to capture beautiful pictures.
She went above and beyond by bringing the wedding party items to keep our hands warm.
— Ria, bridesmaid
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... She exceeded our expectations and couldn’t have asked for such a great photographer that made our night memorable, thank you Judy!!!!
— Les, groom
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Judy made us all feel comfortable when she was taking everyone’s photos
sometimes I didn’t even notice she was there which made the candid shots even more authentic.
I can’t wait for my wedding. I know exactly who to go to for my photos.
— Vanessa, sister of groom