Thank you for choosing me to document such an important moment in your lives. I am truly honoured and beyond grateful!


I put together this timeline assistance to help you get an idea of how much time would be needed for certain pictures. Please note, not everything may apply to your day. Feel free to take whatever you might find helpful.



  • 45 minutes at the groom's location. Ideally the groom and groomsmen should be ready when I arrive.

  • 10 minutes packing up PLUS travel time to next location


  • 1 - 1.5 hour minimum at the bride's location.

  • Makeup and hair is finished before I arrive; that way I can just get the finishing shots. It happens very often that the bride is late with her hair/makeup and it throws off the entire day as everything gets pushed back. It also usually results in barely any getting ready photos of the bride in her dress.

  • If you would like portraits by yourself please make sure that you set aside a minimum of 30 minutes once you are fully in your dress and have finished taking pictures with friends & family.


  • 20 minutes, PLUS travel time if the reveal is not at the bride or grooms location.

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  • 10 minutes packing up PLUS travel time to ceremony (please make sure you schedule it so that I arrive at the ceremony 30 minutes before the bride to ensure I have enough time to set up and get detail shots)

  • After the ceremony is finished I will likely need 20 minutes to get photos of people congratulating you.

  • 10 minutes packing up PLUS travel time to family, bridal party, couple photo location.

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  • I will need approx 30 minutes for family pictures, 30 minutes for the bridal party and 45-60 minutes for the bride & groom.

  • 10 minutes packing up PLUS travel time to reception.



  • If possible, please try to schedule 30 minutes to step out during sunset for a few more photos. This is the golden hour for photo and would add a nice variety to the whole album

  • Please try to schedule every part of the evening you would like captured, such as speeches, dances, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss

Please note that you are responsible for scheduling your wedding. I do not take any responsibility for shots that were not captured due to time constraints, delays or a lack of organization. I do however provide you with resources such as this planning document to ensure you and/or your wedding planner create an itinerary that balances your priorities for your wedding :)


I have shot numerous of weddings and have put together my best tips and tricks for planning your day.

Think about photo permits early. 
Many locations may require a photography permit. You have your dream spot for pictures in mind? Amazing! Make sure you get the permits as soon as possible as there are generally only a few permits per time slot.

Prioritize natural light. 
The more natural light you have where you get ready, the better the photos will be. Prioritize big windows, or even a pretty outdoor spot. Borrow a friend’s place or switch the hotel with an awesome loft on AirBnb!

Keep a clean environment. 
Make sure you keep everything you need in a corner. The last thing you will want is a messy background in your beautiful getting ready shots!

Keep the guys busy. 
I strongly encourage the groom and his groomsmen to do something fun in the morning. I can capture the getting ready photos relatively quickly and then the guys get to do something fun that allows me to capture great candid shots.

Have the guys looking sharp when I arrive. 

I have a lot of photos to get at the bride's location in the morning. 
The ideal set up is that the makeup & hair is finished by the time I arrive. Please avoid having the bride get ready last in case of any delays. I can also get a few shots of the wedding dress. Then you can put the wedding dress on and do any reveals with the parents or bridesmaids, followed by shots of the bride alone, then with the bridesmaids. If you are only allowing 45 minutes for this segment then the bridesmaids should already be dressed by the time I arrive. If you allow more time then I can get more.

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If you wear glasses, please be advised that it is very likely you will have reflections in your glasses throughout the day. If this is a concern for you, please consider wearing contacts for the day. 

Tips for Makeup.
I always recommend hiring a professional make-up artist that has an understanding of the types of makeup to use for photos. This will keep you camera ready all day. It is best to use a high-definition foundation and matte powders / eye shadows (especially if you have oily skin.) It is best to avoid glossy lipstick, high glimmer eye shadows / blushes and mineral makeup as they can cause unflattering effects with flash.

Be prepared for your photoshoot.

  • For the bride and bridesmaids, if the shoot location is a distance to walk, I recommend bringing flats.

  • If there is a chance of rain, be sure to bring umbrellas that you want visible in your pictures.

  • If its a hot summer day, stay hydrated and bring dabbing papers to absorb any perspiration.

  • I want you to be/feel comfortable, if you are not comfortable in your outfit, it will show in the pictures.

Get your detail shots ready. 
Providing sophisticated detail shots is a lot easier when I have everything in hand. Keep an invitation, jewelry, rings, flowers, shoes and any other significant item nearby. If you would like detail shots of things like the rings, flowers, etc. make sure you add at least 15 minutes.

Discuss with your officiant.
Some places have extremely strict rules that make my job very difficult. Example: some churches don't allow me to move during the ceremony. This is rare but it does happen. Others let me move but not close to the front of the altar (where you happen to be), some don't allow flash, etc. If you are having a non-denominational ceremony I strongly encourage you to find an easygoing officiant.

Consider a technology free ceremony.
If you would like ceremony photos that aren't cluttered with your guests taking photos with their phones, consider having your officiant request that technology not be used during the ceremony before it begins. It keeps everyone fully engaged on your special day and allows me to get the perfect shots.

The aisle is your runway. 
Take your time, smile, look around. Enjoy every second of it. 
For your first kiss, make it count! I've had couples in the past do a quick peck on the cheek/lips that only lasted a few milliseconds which makes it extremely difficult to get a beautiful shot. I recommend kissing for a few seconds. Not telling you how to kiss, just a recommendation :)

M + D-221.jpg

Create a shot list for the family photos.
That includes the combination of the photos you want. Example: Bride/Groom, Bride's Mother & Father. Assign a person from your bridal party who knows everyone from both sides. This helps to avoid forgetting anyone important to you. 

Take a break. 
After I am finished with the bridal party photos, consider scheduling a 10 minute break for yourselves before we continue taking photos of just the two of you. You get some time alone to get refreshed.

If you want detail shots of the venue and set up, please make sure that guests aren't already seated when I arrive at the reception.

For your first dance.
Please make sure you use the full version of the song to make sure I have enough time to get all of the shots. Also, consider having a spotlight on yourselves or keeping the room slightly brighter. If it is too dark and there is no light on you, the photos will not look as good.

Lighting for speeches. 
I need either a spotlight or brighter venue lights. If it is too dark, the photos will not look as good. Alternatively I can bring some of my supplementary lights to help with the quality of the final product.

Unfortunate Weather Conditions (or very behind schedule). 
In the event that the weather is not cooperating, I recommend having an indoor backup location. The option of having an indoor location as a backup plan will require you to have a second permit on standby just in case you need to use it and there are very limited indoor location options. 


What I don’t generally capture:

  • Food

  • People Eating during dinner service

  • Messages from guests (Let me know if this is something you want)

  • Dinner games/Kissing Games/Centerpiece games in its entirety

  • I do my best to capture candid shots of guests but cannot guarantee shots of every guest in attendance

ENGAGEMENT SESSION (if applicable)

Engagement sessions are about two hours
You may choose up to two locations
One location could be in your home and another location outside
Or you could have both locations outside, totally up to you! 
In-home sessions are great for couples who already live together, the pictures make for really cute memories, it captures the early stage of your relationship and where you spent most of your time together
Feel free to bring a couple of outfits to change into, this will add variety to your album
If you have pets, please include them! They are suuuuuper adorable props
Pictures will be delivered electronically within 2 weeks and you will be notified by email as soon as they are available


Coverage Start & End times
Your coverage begins when I arrive at the start location and it is consecutive until I leave for the day. The last 30 minutes is always used for backing up footage and packing up equipment. 

Please let me know if you will not be providing me with a meal. It is not mandatory but always appreciated. Kindly ensure that I have a seat somewhere in the main room so I can continue to monitor events as we eat; or, backup footage to minimize the risk of missing any events. Please note that if you are not providing a meal, a 45 minute break will be taken in order to get food. This break will be included in your coverage.

Turn around time
I will provide your finished product to you within 4-8 weeks and you will be notified by email as soon as it is available.

Extending your coverage
As the end of your coverage approaches, I will ask you in advance if you would like additional coverage. Couples typically extend their coverage if the itinerary provided to me is behind; or, they want more coverage of their reception. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really hope it was helpful :)