Same Sex Wedding at Old Marina Restaurant

I hold this album real close to my heart. Not only because it’s a same sex wedding but because it’s a reminder that love is love. I could really see the amount of support from family and friends and really feel it during the speeches that I bawled my eyes out (had to hide behind my camera so no one could see me, cause I’m working, can’t be seen crying and gotta keep it professional). Almost everyone that came to the reception was also at the ceremony. The grooms dad even wore rainbow socks and reaaaaally, really wanted a picture of them with the grooms. I don’t have many same sex weddings in my calendar this year but I would absolutely love to document more. 


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Working with Judy was one of the top experiences of planning our wedding.
— Scott + Michael, grooms
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Her attention to detail was impeccable and she made our anyone in front of the camera feel at ease and good about themselves.
— scott + michael, grooms
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As a same-sex couple, she made us feel like everyone else while also making us feel so special. She overdelivered in her promises and my husband and I can’t wait to hire her again in the future!
— Scott + Michael, grooms
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When we met her in January, she was so informative and honest about her process and so willing to be collaborative. In May, we did our engagement shoot and, not only did we have so much fun, she knew how to make us comfortable in front of the camera and captured some beautiful shots that made us all the more excited and confident for our wedding. Then came the wedding in August, and Judy was simply stellar.
— Scott + Michael, grooms
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